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"Quality, personalized, and unique experiences that enhances your travel and your life"

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"Только о двух вещах мы будем жалеть на смертном одре - что мало любили и что мало путешествовали..."
- Марк Твен

Why We Really Don't Want Travel Agents To Die

Last minute travel plans made easy with tour expert

New Rights for Air Travelers

Travel Advisor

  • Have insights into specials not advertised
  • Able to make changes to iteneraries within the booking system
  • Take care of refunds and changes
  • Provide a safety net during your trip
  • Assist with trips overseas with insight and accessibility
  • Keep up-to-date on latest prices and industry changes
  • Get upgrades for the clients that they didn't even know existed
  • Make you an instant VIP free room upgrades, hard to get restaurant reservations, cutting lines, access to otherwise closed stores and exhibits, private guides
  • Can put together an extensive itinerary with multiple destinations and routes
  • Get to know you and your wants, likes and dislikes, and make suggestions accordingly


  • Internet specials are great
  • Cannot make changes online, have to call
  • Online specials are usually non-refundable
  • Not accessible if need to make changes during the trip
  • Apps and sites that keep track of ticket prices
  • Compare prices and look at hotel and destination photos
  • View airline seating chart and other information
  • Check out other travelers' reviews of destinations
  • Good for a quick cheap trip

GoWithIrene Inc


Откройте для себя Гавайи. Oстров "АЛОХА".

Гавайи -венец Полинезии, - так называют эти острова. Экзотика Гавайев - едва ли не самая приятная в мире для отдыхающих. Во-первых, американский, то есть высокий, уровень отелей и сервиса. Во-вторых, американские, то есть достаточно невысокие, цены (отдых здесь дешевле, чем, скажем, на острове Таити, расположенном в той же климатической области). В-третьих, очень удобная дорога - огромный выбор рейсов различных авиакомпаний. И, пожалуй, одно из главных преимуществ Гавайских островов - их разнообразие. Они разные по ландшафту, растительности, населенности, урбанизации (если это термин вообще применим к Гавайям - в строгом смысле слова городом можно назвать только Гонолулу, столицу штата). Как результат, и способы отдыха на островах Гавайи (Большой остров),Оаху,Мауи, Кауаи,Ланаи,Молокаи достаточно разнообразны.
Мексика - страна народа Майя.

Мексика привлекает туристов со всего мира по разным причинам: солнце, синее  Карибское море, изобилующее рыбой и кораллами, белоснежные пляжи, величественные горы и вулканы, джунгли с экзотической дикой природой, предметы народного творчества для коллекционирования и захватывающие дух остатки древних культур. Некоторые едут по менее веской причине: Мексика может быть и дешевой страной, но за пределами популярных туристических зон отдыха.

Мексика- страна контрастов, поражающая своими противоречиями, где на одной улице могут соседствовать пятизвездочный курорт и ветхие лачуги без канализации..., но тем не менее,эта страна пользуется ошеломляющей популярностью у туристов со всего мира.

На сегоднящний день" ценовая политика" отелей на Гавайях и в Мексике весь-ь-ма лояльна.
Нажмите Здесь -- дождитесь полной загрузки приложения --  для увеличения изображения нажмите zoom in.

Time for Vacation

Good reasons to take a vacation:

  • The U.S. needs to relax more... - article on LATimes.com
  • 1980 U.S. ranked 11th in the world in longevity - now we're 42nd.
  • We're twice as likely as Europeans to suffer from anxiety and depression.
    Many experts believe these deficits are caused by lack of time.
  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American works one month (160 hours) more today than in 1976.
  • Men who don't take regular vacations are 32% more likely to die of heart attacks, and 21% more likely to die early of all causes. Women have 50% more risk of heart attack.
  • Stress and burnout at work cost the US economy over $300 billion a year.
    Wish we made these up?
Article from Dan Aronson, CentralJersey.com, on benefits of taking a vacation
These are true facts unfortunately. Time to getaway! :)

Read here:

Baby Boomer Travel:

There is an old adage that states, "Travel broadens one's horizons." As a Baby Boomer you want to follow it and you want to experience it. You want to feel what haven't felt before. You know what you want and you want it customized just for you. Here at GWI we offer a personal touch in setting up your travel and itinerary. We can set you up with exclusive tours and discounts.
Contact us to get started and also check out some Travel Advice Just for You

Baby Boomer Travel Tips

The Upcoming Baby Boomer Travel Boom by Debra Fortosis Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Do's and Don'ts of Finding a Great Deal Air Travel Tips for Travelers with Health Issues or Disabilities

4 reasons why you need a Travel Expert in your pocket:

- They know what to do in an emergency
- They will be honest with you
- They will insure a rich experience for you
- They will encourage education

Top 10 dream destinations:

1. Australia
2. Italy
3. South Africa
4. New Zealand
5. Greece
6. Antarctica
7. France
8. French Polynesia
9. China
10. Ireland

Travel checklist:

The Ultimate Travel Checklist

- Geared up one-of-a-kind hotspots and encounters
- Hassle-free services
- Try new things or reacquaint with great experiences
- Great value
- Travel packages that include creature comforts
Talk to us and see what we can do

Travel Bucket List:

Travel Quote: "Autumn in southern California is one of the best kept secrets in the travel industry," said Sherri Weeks, general manager of ResorTime.com. "Gone are the joyous shrieks of five year olds on the water slide and parents cautioning kids to not run around the pool area. The weather is near perfect, the beaches open for strolling, and the restaurants quiet and relaxing. Fall is definitely the time to be in southern California."

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American Society of Travel Agents

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